“Organization for Development of Economic and Self help(ODESH) is a registered society based out in the district of Thoubal, Manipur” It has been working towards livelihood enhancement of the poor and help less groups for an inclusive growth with a focus to take part and contribute in the national efforts of eliminating poverty and reduce unemployment. Over the years our interventions have been towards Kauna crafts industry development on issues of policy related to transformation of traditional knowledge, skills and technologies towards contemporary market oriented products, along with marketing and value chain in the industry. Currently ODESH is associated with 150 of which 60 artisans are highly skilled. ODESH instituted a producer organization (PO) of primary Kauna craft artisans to take care of production and marketing

Besides, organization for Development of Economic and Self Help (ODESH) is providing much needed design inputs to artisans, it has also improved the capability of the artisans by providing them with more contemporary craft skills. ODESH also helps the PO in marketing the craft and increase visibility throughout the market. It works to strengthen handicraft producers by providing training in various functions like production, ideation and conceptualization of prototyping which can fit to contemporary market niche, design and marketing. It helps to restore confidence in the artisan community by skill up-gradation through market information translation, improved product line and quality parameters.

Though ODESH intervention is small but has widespread impacts in terms of increasing perceived value of Kauna craft in larger market due to its efforts to bring changes in product line, design and quality. Also ODESH strengthens the local institutions of artisan community, build networks of artisans, bringing them together under a common platform. This reduces the vulnerability of the artisans from exploitation. Since, artisans are coming together and working together, sharing knowledge among each other makes them stronger and fight poverty. With all the inputs that ODESH has given to artisans such as artisan level institution building along with management skills, diversified products fitting to contemporary market needs through required design inputs, access to locally trained master craftsperson services 24×7, better market arrangement through channel like B2B and B2C have a direct impact on the artisans’ and were benefitted by this intervention.

ODESH is working towards popularization of Kauna Grass handicrafts as an efficient alternative to plastic utilities. Durability and sustainability is our major strength. Kauna products have a special appeal in look, feel and efficiency. Unlike plastic these handwoven grass handicrafts are 100% bio-degradable and cause no harm to the environment. We provide our little helping hand in saving our planet and encouraging ecofriendly products. Hence, we earnestly appeal to our fellow citizen to come forward and join with ODESH efforts of making plastic free environment.

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